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Workshop Training

With the leadership of a skilled and experienced speaker/facilitator at the helm, MAS DIVERSITY Consultancy partners with your staff to identify the specific needs of your group to tailor comprehensive, experiential and relevant programming that engages all participants in the collective work we are about.

Workshop Offerings:

Implicit Bias and an Analysis of Power

     Designed as a comprehensive analysis of systemic power and how it inter-relates to equity and inclusion. The goal is to provide participants with the knowledge, common language and skills to build an inclusive and equitable learning community.

Diversity and Inclusivity

     Explores true diversity and provides practices to create and sustain inclusivity in the classroom. The workshop fosters and develops cultural competency skills in identifying bias, prejudice and the implicit nature of systemic racism as barriers to embracing the value of our differences. 

Othering, Outliers and Allies

     Learn the impact of othering through a highly experiential and hands-on workshop. We use movement and role-play to engage our understanding of institutionalized oppression and its affect on the communities of the youth we serve.

The Science of Micro-aggressions

     Learn about dominant culture perception and how micro-aggressions, insults and invalidations can undermine learning success and growth. 

Language to LEAD

     Learn proven methods to encourage students' sharing of personal and cultural significance to cultivate confidence and individual investment in collective work. Learn how to utilize language and empathy that can influence connectivity and improve trust and accountability.


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